The Joy Boxx

Celebrate happiness with our curated collection of five full-sized CBD-infused products to bring a smile to your face. Products included:

  • Moodjuice 500mg CBD Orange tincture
  • Dr Kerklaan Skin Cream
  • Alni Salve Grapefruit Salve
  • Gron Magical Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Life Flower Uplift Bath Bomb with crystal

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(*$189 retail value when purchased separately)


Life Flower Uplift Bath Bomb


Alni Salve Grapefruit


Gron Magical Milk Chocolate Bar

Grön chocolatiers have created a perfectly rich and well-balanced milk chocolate bar. Expect a buttery, silky smooth experience with caramel undertones. Hand-crafted, fair-trade sourced, 38% cacao milk chocolate infused with organic hemp extract and topped with locally sourced, hand-harvested Jacobsen sea salt. Grön is committed to sustainably sourced cacao and tsourcing cacao from farms that share our values. Our chocolate is always Fair Trade Sourced and often single origin sourced! Cacao’s sustainability depends on an ecologically complex and fragile canopy—as well as the communities who do the sorting, cracking, winnowing, conching, and aging. 50 gms | 100 mg CBD

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Dr Kerklaan Skin Cream

Dr. Kerklaan’s Natural Skin Cream offers excellent hydration and anti-inflammatory potential important in relieving skin issues and maintaining a healthy complexion. It can be used as a daily moisturizer and after-sun product, and is an excellent repair product for sensitive, irritated skin. The cream is hypoallergenic and fragrance free which makes it great for sensitive skin, while also providing strong anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which are excellent for acne, redness, irritation and itch. 2 oz | 120 mg CBD USA | Grown Hemp | Full Spectrum Extract | Per 2 mL dose: | 4 mg CBD


500mg full-spectrum CBD tincture with organic fruit flavors