MoodBoxx Rules

We take the quality of our selections very seriously, so much so that we’ve developed House Rules for inclusion to a Mood Collection:

Rule One: CBD must come from US farms that use organic farming practices to grow their hemp.

Rule Two: Full-spectrum hemp extract must be from the whole plant, including the flower. While beneficial in other ways, hemp seed oil has little to no CBD.

Rule Three: All brands give us their third-party lab results (Certificates of Analysis) to ensure product pureness as well as CBD and THC levels.

Rule Four: Product information must include the total amount of CBD and the dosage amount.

Rule Five: Moodboxx favors unique products from smaller makers, with an emphasis on producers who are also growers

With these rules in place, we can guarantee that all products are:

Tested: All products are organic and third-party lab tested. Only the purest ingredients pass the test for inclusion in a Moodboxx collection.

Legal: All products have either no THC or less than the legal limit of .3% THC.

Convenient: New hemp products are delivered discreetly to your home via USPS—no hassling with dispensaries or awkward deliveries