About Moodboxx

Moodboxx started with a simple revelation. Last February, my cortisol levels were off the charts, so much so that it was affecting my health. I was literally stressing myself to death because of my job. I couldn’t lose weight, no matter how much I didn’t eat. My bad cholesterol level was in stroke territory, and, let’s just say I was super stressed and cranky. Stranky?

Moodboxx became my way out of that bad time as I envisioned a company that catered to helping women take a little time to indulge themselves. The facts are plain enough: women are twice as likely to experience severe stress as men. Not only is there a pay gap and a respect gap, there is a stress gap.

As women, we’re too busy taking care of other people to take time for ourselves, because that’s what we do. It doesn’t matter what age we are. Boomers know all about this. We were trapped between Betty Crocker and Betty Friedan, and thoughts of our own needs are just plain selfish.

CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta currently has an HBO documentary on stress in America:  One Nation Under Stress. Toxic pervasive stress has become a way of life here and explains why US life expectancy, which had been among the highest in the world, is now ranked near the bottom of developed nations.

As I was starting Moodboxx, I thought about how simple self-care can help lessen the stress of the day. In some preliminary studies around the world, and certainly anecdotally, full-spectrum hemp extract, with its myriad helpful cannabinoids has been shown to be effective in soothing our jangled synapses and lightening our mood.

Moodboxx is centered around curated Mood Collections: Happiness, Creativity, Sensuality and Serenity. All of the collections come in a beautifully designed box and include five full-sized products that are hemp infused. In the sea of CBD products, we search out and find the best of the best from smaller makers.

Are you guaranteed to feel happy when you get the Joy Boxx, or sexy when you get the Sexy Boxx? No—but it can’t hurt. Because chances are, what you want right now is just a little less stress in your life, and a lot more good feels.