Starting Moodboxx

Early last year something snapped in me. I had had enough of jumping through all the career hoops and, as a woman in a man’s workplace, coming up short. I wanted, as Selena Myers said, to “take a dump on the glass ceiling.” But, I had very few shits left to give. Working, motherhood, wifehood, the whole laundry-grocery-cleaning-caregiving carousel had left me utterly worn out.

Then in February 2018, I went to the Women Grow national conference in Denver. I walked into that conference not really knowing what I was looking for, but what I found was a sense of belonging. Smart, strong, entrepreneurial women had gathered to talk about the future of Cannabis in all its many forms.

A female plant was the magnet drawing us together in conversation and conviviality. The female Cannabis plant delivers the beneficial package of cannabinoids and terpenes in a well-formed bud, while the lazy man plant just shoots his pollen in the general direction of the flower. Typical!

I went by myself, but I wasn’t alone. I looked around the room at the sheer range of attendees—vibrant young entrepreneurial women looking for a different path from corporate America, mothers looking for cures for their children, social justice warriors, and women that looked like me—on the other side of long careers, trying to find something of meaning as the capstone to their working lives.

I was mesmerized by the easy way we all mingled with each other, experienced early adopters eager to give advice to newcomers like me without holding back anything. I talked to young women who entered the job market at around the time of the Great Recession. Unable to find jobs, they created their own opportunities in this green space that is wide open to women—at least for now.

Moodboxx was born that day. I left feeling energized in a way I had not for a long time and determined to find a place in this emerging economy. Never mind that I have never been a pot smoker…I have been a life-long seeker of wellness solutions, and going to the conference started me on a path of discovery that led me to creating Moodboxx.

In my next post, I’ll talk about why I thought Moodboxx could be the way to give women—and myself—a feel-good solution to life’s daily stress.