Celebrate National CBD Day

Moodjuice Joy Orange CBD Oil

I was standing in line at Urban Outfitters the other day with my daughter, checking out our haul of new college clothes, when I noticed a selection of CBD products offered at the register. This is new because it wasn’t so long ago (like last year) when you wouldn’t see big chains offering CBD products. Now they are everywhere, but they are not all the same. We are still in a world where the regulations for adding CBD to both beauty and wellness products is unclear in many states and certainly federally. I’m disappointed when I see products that do not have clear labeling about how much total CBD is in their product, much less how much per usage. I’m sad when I see that no distinction is made between a cleanly extracted whole plant hemp tincture and a product with just hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is fine, but it doesn’t have much CBD in it, so if you were looking for that boost, move on. And I for one want to know that the product I’m buying has been third-party lab tested for impurities like pesticides, heavy metals, or toxic molds. Is that hemp extract farmed organically in the US by small farmers? Or is the brand buying mixed vats of crude from all over, including China. Not cool.

The new observance of National CBD Day is a gimmick, but it reminds me that we have a lot of work to do to educate consumers about what defines safe, clean, and legal hemp products. Here at Moodboxx, we take so much pride in only using products that provide us with third-party lab tests, and you can download all of them from the link under the “Safe and Tested” icon on the home page.

In particular, we are proud of our line of Moodjuice tinctures–the flavor beams with natural hempy goodness and is enhanced with organic fruit flavors. Take it for what ails you, from anxiety to restless leg, or smear it on your eczema. That’s what I do. And I know it’s safe because not only did the small farm I work with test it after harvest and extraction, but I tested it on delivery. All clean as a whistle, and my whole family–daughter, dog, and husband–take it for various reasons that the beneficial compounds in CBD are found to alleviate.

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Be well—

Lisa Lytton, founder of Moodboxx