Tune your mood.

Introducing the Moodboxx Collections—carefully curated, mood-enhancing box experiences including only the purest hemp-infused products. For all the good feels in your life—the happy feels… the sexy feels… the mellow feels…and the creative feels—Moodboxx is here.

Belly Laughs and big smiles

Joy Boxx

Consciously connect with the purest CDB-infused products and give a middle finger to stress. Magical tangerine dreams of happiness await.

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Heightened sensory experience

Sexy Boxx

Think Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally—and have what she’s having. The Sexy Boxx celebrates sensuality with indulgent products in a no-judgement zone

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free and easy state of mind

Muse Boxx

Get your mojo working overtime with curated CBD products to help get you cranking on creativity with a clear mind and a relaxed body.

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relaxed body and peaceful mind

Mellow Boxx

Bringing together the purest organic CBD products to create a mellow mood—‘cause you’d like to be easy like Sunday morning.

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Curiosity Boxx

A great introduction to the four Mood Collections: Happiness, Sensuality, Serenity, and Creativity. Curated CBD products designed to tune your mood.

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